Industrial - Bachelors

Virtual Reality Scuba Diving Simulator

The simulator is aimed to improve the safety of scuba divers while simultaneously increasing their knowledge of the activity. The design incorporates virtual reality to create a realistic scenario with physical dangers and external factors being absent, allowing for a more efficient and safer way of learning.

A virtual Learning experience, a safer way to learn

The product is designed for aiding in teaching scuba diving. It allows beginner divers the chance to dive without external factors being an issue allowing them to learn in their own time in a safe context.

Research Driven Design

The research journey has been a collection of personal experience, professional experience and primary sources and recognises a gap in the scuba diving scuba community. It is through ample exploration that allowed for the product presented the opportunity for design intervention. One of the primary factor when developing the product was the use of already existing technology and adapting it into the design such as virtual reality. One of the primary problems faced was making the product as realistic as possible without taking away from the learning experience; this includes the “butting in task” feature in the virtual reality to help the diver learn.

Ryan Glover

Ryan is the designer of the Scuba Diving Simulation. His path to where he has now has taken 3 years and two universities to complete. With his skills in both design and in marketing he has been able to create projects that are close to his heart and he is passionate about. It is with the skills and knowledge that has been obtained through his degree he creates his latest project, that concludes his studies of Industrial Design at QUT