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Smart Aid Rollator

The Smart Aid Rollator is an innovative mobility aid designed specifically for use in aged care facilities to help residents maintain independence and quality of life. The device utilities sensor technology to automate braking and device control, while also providing staff with the ability to monitor health vitals and location of residents. With an updated form, users will be able to comfortably use their device to complete everyday tasks while maintaining support and stability.


Mobility aid users and aged care staff were surveyed and interviewed throughout the research process. This provided an insight into the issues that they are facing within the facility and the pain points of current mobility aid devices. Research showed that traditional rollator limitations included user difficulty with utilizing device brakes and device control. The negative stigma associated with mobility aids also leads to users feeling that they have ‘lost their independence’. This results in a lack of confidence and reduced mobility, which ultimately effects health and wellbeing of residents.

Aged care staff struggle with high workloads and are unable to ensure how regularly residents are mobilising each day. Limited mobility, especially at an old age, can result in a decrease of residents mental and physical health. The prime purpose of the smart aid rollator is to reduce the workload for aged care staff while promoting mobility for the aged care residents through confidence and independence-building innovations. As Australia is a rapidly aging population, it is an important time for innovation for elderly assistive technology.


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Angus Armstrong Guy

Angus is a designer from the Sunshine Coast who seeks to blend traditional design practices with a modern approach. With a focus on human-centred design, Angus hopes to incorporate his background in technology with his passion for prototyping to create authentic meaningful impacts.