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Ride Guide

The RIDE GUIDE is a simple solution to the common issue of difficult seatbelt operation in the elderly. Using a fast and easy to install, two-piece design, this magnetic guidance railing system allows for an effortless seatbelt operation experience for any user.

why is a ride guide necessary?

This project was directed at elderly assistance. From investigating all the possible difficulties in an elderly person’s day to day life, the transportation sector was settled upon to be the design focus. Once transportation was the decided brief, elderly participants and their carers were interviewed to hone in on one specific task that they have difficulties with. After multiple discussions, surveys and interviews, putting on a seatbelt was the issue that was mentioned far more than any other task and because of this, became the main focus of the project.

What a ride guide does

The Ride Guide makes putting on a seatbelt far easier than usual for many reasons. Once installed the user doesn’t even need to look to locate the buckle as they can simply hover their hand near the side of their leg until they hear or feel the two parts magnetically attach. Once attached all they need to do is apply a small amount of downward pressure to connect the seatbelt to the buckle ready for travel.

Universal design suitable for most styles of seatbelt

Six strong neodymium magnets are imbedded within the product to allow the latch plate to attach to the railing system from any direction.

Design process

Through many design iterations, the final form was settled upon because of its simplicity. With a rounded top, the guide slots easily onto the rail from almost any position now making a seatbelt quick and easy to put on. This design was developed to be as small as possible to reduce the risk of discomfort whilst remaining effective. Using injection moulded parts combined with durable silicone and super strong neodymium magnets, this product is able to be manufactured at a low cost resulting in a commercially available product for everyone who requires this assistance.

Product Potential

Elderly people aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the use of a Ride Guide. People with Parkinson’s Disease, one handed amputees, blind passengers, children and the general public all have the potential to benefit greatly from this product.

Oliver Plumb

Oliver loves seeing his ideas and concepts come to life with the use of rapid prototyping technologies. He aspires to use his design skills to make the lives of those less fortunate simpler in any way possible. Whether that difference is big or small.