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Reusing Spent Coffee Grinds (SCG)

So you know how we drink a lot of coffee? Well, there is a lot of coffee waste, this is called spent coffee grinds (SCG). To save it from going to landfill I've developed The SCG Drying System, for cafe benchtops. This is a low powered, low noise electric machine which dries SCG for reuse in a variety of applications but for now, beauty products.

Reusing spent coffee grinds (SCG)

A system to make things easier to recycle/recuse

use in context

example of dryer in use at a coffee shop


The scg dryer uses existing dehumidifying Electronic Parts

As the fan circulates air up through the heat sink (hot) it simultaneouly draws cold air down through the heat sink (cold). Here, the moisture in the air condenses into water and drips into the water tank.

Joel Thomas Flaherty

Joel is passionate about sustainable solutions which create a positive user experience. The goal is to flex the existing system of “take, make, waste” into “take our waste and make”. A world with a sustainable future is where he’d like to grow old, how about you?