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Keeping reptiles as pets is a continuously growing worldwide phenomenon however, appropriate reptile keeping and husbandry knowledge is generally lacking which leads to health issues and death in reptiles. ReptiZen is an all-in-one reptile enclosure monitoring and control system that focuses on increasing the well-being of reptiles kept at home through improving the delivery and access to quality information on reptile husbandry whilst also increasing the ease of caring for reptiles.


Rigorous first-hand research was conducted on how the issues of thermoregulation in home reptile keeping affect the health of the reptiles. Interviews were conducted on reptile industry experts, a survey was sent to reptile keepers, and a mix of these user groups participated in a cultural probe. This research identified key issues regarding reptile keeping and health issues seen in captive reptiles.


The main problems discovered through the research consisted of a general lack of reptile keeping and husbandry knowledge amongst reptile owners and reptile enclosure equipment misuse.

project aim

The solution

ReptiZen is an all-in-one reptile enclosure monitoring and control product able to monitor and maintain temperature, humidity, and lighting conditions that can be implemented as custom settings by the user and can even mimic its surrounding environmental conditions. Additionally, users can choose from a range of basic enclosure environment pre-sets for commonly kept species. This feature is specifically targeted for beginner and novice reptile keepers.

Reptile keepers can plug their heat lamps, heat mats, lighting, humidifiers, and other relevant equipment into the built-in power outlets. This enables ReptiZen to adapt the amount of temperature, lighting, or humidity set by the user whilst also controlling the amount of time each equipment item is powered.

ReptiZen enables reptile keepers to collect and record data of the environment within their reptile enclosures to help inform their husbandry decisions. This data can be shared with industry experts and the wider reptile keeping community to create a network of rich information of appropriate reptile care practices.

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A key feature of ReptiZen is that it collects and records data from all the enclosure equipment that is connected to it. The data collected will inform the user on appropriate husbandry practices. For example, if a user has noticed a significant behavioural change in their reptile and is able to see their enclosure temperature data has not been within optimal ranges over the past week, adjustments can be made to equipment and their husbandry practices moving forward would be better informed.

An additional future feature is that the data collected may also be shared with industry experts such as reptile veterinarians, researchers, zoologists, etc. to provide them with insight on the husbandry practices within the reptile keeping community. This in turn will allow industry experts to inform reptile keepers within the ReptiZen system on appropriate husbandry practices based on the submitted data.

features and details

Easy access to power sockets and ports

power outlets and usb-c ports

sensors and equipment probes

lcd display, alert leds, & ambient sensors module

built-in light panel

Accompanying App

App Features

ReptiZen comes with an accompanying smartphone app allowing users to control the device and subsequently the sensors and other equipment within the enclosure. The app also enables users to view and share the data collected by ReptiZen and access information and data shared by industry experts as well as other users within the ReptiZen community.

The equipment and technology that would be compatible through the various power outlet sockets would include heat lamps; heat mats; humidifiers or misting devices; standard or UV lighting; and small coolers or fans. Smaller equipment items, sensors, or probes that are compatible with USB-C would plug into the dedicated ports. These may include thermometer and humidity probes; motion sensors; infrared thermometers; small monitoring cameras; microphones; ambient light sensors; and more.

Final Design Model


The packaging of ReptiZen has a minimalistic and clean aesthetic that is in stark contrast to existing reptile keeping products on the market. The decision to keep the aesthetic minimal was to stand out amongst graphic-heavy and highly saturated colours of competing brands. The packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and cardboard and the ink used in printing is made from algae. These materials were chosen as they allow for a highly sustainable packaging solution while still providing a premium design feel.

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