Industrial - Bachelors

Project: Rolling Recline

The project focus is on seated posture. Shifting position to feel comfortable is natural, but this can lead to seated orientations that can leave a long-term impact on a user's ligaments or spine. The final design is an autonomously adjusting chair, with a mechanical design that takes functional inspiration from Droog's "Come a little closer" bench.



Inspiration drawn from Droog’s “Come a little closer bench”, a unique piece of furniture that as an interesting feature. The use of marbles as a surface allows for objects to slide along it without friction, this creates some interesting interactions with users, allowing some to slide around or come together as the bench intends.


Chair functions through the use of mechanical means to create a frictionless transitional design that shifts positions according to the user’s sitting position. Like a standard ergonomic chair, it has adjustment, unlike a standard ergo chair, it adjusts automatically. Detecting a user’s shifted weight by their action of sliding on the marbles causes the chair to extend out with them, the back of the chair from here can freely recline to allow the user to lean back.

The Technical stuff

Materials used in production for this chair would be standard office chair materials with the exception of wood and the marbles being made of glass.

Caleb Dick

A designer with a passion for the creation and assembly of projects and products, a drive to improve the world in any way, one step at a time, leaving a small mark in the world with each step. Always eager to grow both as a designer and as a person.