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HEPA is a Home Exercise & Play Assistant, designed to keep elderly users active, healthy, and motivated to participate in exercise from a home environment.

the Problem

The research for this project focused on promoting the participation of exercise for elderly users. Through the initial research of this project, the benefits gained from regular exercise were very clear for users aged 65 and over. Although it was extremely beneficial it was something that was extremely underutilized by the elderly population. Through analyzing and primary and secondary research three main factors were highlighted as the barriers for elderly users. Education, mobility, and motivation. Education related to how exercises were performed, the benefits gained from exercises, as well as the specific exercises to do to achieve certain goals. Mobility came from two main factors, firstly, general mobility issues such as age-related, or injury-related issues. The second factor came from the recent pandemic where users were unable to attend social exercise classes, consultations, and sessions. This factor of mobility linked directly to the motivation of elderly users, as motivation was a key factor deterring users from participating in exercise, and a huge motivating factor of this exercise was socialization. Through these findings, key criteria were created in order to streamline the design process to create a product that not only helped educate elderly users about exercise but helped motivate them in the home context where they are unable to participate in social exercise.


WHAT is hepa

HEPA is a Home Exercise & Play Assistant designed to keep elderly users active at home through education and socialization. Through connecting elderly users socially, HEPA aims to motivate users to participate more frequently in exercise as well as educate them about the importance of exercise.

HEPA positioned in context next to a users TV ready for pairing and use.

THE app

The HEPA app acts as a social hub for users to plan exercise classes, events, consultations, and much more with friends and family. Through connection to their contact list and calendar, it integrates seamlessly into their daily lives. With Ai and voice commands, HEPA allows users to easily navigate through the menu, while also providing smart responses to any exercise-related question the user may have.

how it works

HEPA has been designed to become a central point in users’ lives. Being designed around the standard iPad due to its form factor as well as price point, allows users to gain all the benefits they would from the iPad itself, while also integrating HEPA’s social platform into their daily lives. The app connects to the user’s camera, through this connection the built-in Ai will track the user’s movements during workouts. Through this, HEPA is able to give live feedback both visually, as well as through haptic feedback provided within the provided weights. This haptic feedback can also help users with the timing of movements, repetitions as well as make them aware of any corrections they need to make.


HEPA can be used on the dock which provides an optimal viewing angle for users. As well as being an iPad it opens the opportunity for AirPlay, this would allow users to mirror the iPad onto a compatible TV allowing them to follow their exercises on an even bigger display. The iPad can also be removed from the dock and set up around the home using the built-in kickstand. This allows users to exercise around the home wherever they desire, not being limited to the central location of the device.


HEPA as a standard comes in neutral tonnes. However more vibrant options are available to allow users to personalize their set-up to their specific aesthetic.


Each component connects magnetically to the central hub. This allows a strong connection to the induction charging coils embedded into each component, including the case of the iPad to allow for wireless charging of each component. This creates a central point for HEPA, ensuring the user is confident each component has a place to live and will be charged and ready to go without having to worry about cables and plugging each component in.

Henry Gomez-Borowski

A passionate Industrial Designer with an interest in 3D modeling, rendering and additive manufacturing techniques for both production and prototyping.