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Halo – Ride Safe

HALO Ride Safe is a seamlessly integrated, real-time telemetric system-based solution that incorporates available technologies, such as blind spot identification and collision avoidance as found in passenger vehicles, into one complete suite. These technologies are designed to assist a motorcycle operator to complete their riding journey as safely as possible. The system consists of integrated camera/indicators, a dash light, the ECU and the HALO application. The system draws upon Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication, AI processing and surveillance technology to monitor the environment of the user and provide real-time feedback regarding the immediate environment and potential threats.


Integrated Camera / Indicator

At the forefront of the HALO suite is the integrated indicator camera. The indicator camera is designed to operate off the OEM indicating system and to fit seamlessly into the styling and indicator positioning of any PTW. Each indicator camera is comprised of an industry standard LED indicator and two 4k wide lensed cameras.

When connected with the HALO ECU, the indicator cameras enable a full 360-degree, blind spot free, surveillance of the PTW. Each camera provides real time telemetry of the PTW’s environment.

Halo Dash Light

The dash light is an integral part of the HALO system. It is an illuminated dash mounted light that warns the user of any pending or potential threat or hazard as communicated from the ECU.

This dash light augments the warnings in the application, but also allows HALO Ride Safe to be functional without a secondary smart device. Thus, the dash light is a warning integrated directly into the ECU that will never fail to operate or warn the rider.

Halo Application

The app is the heart of the HALO Ride Safe, allowing the user to interact with the system. The app displays your PTW within your surrounds – it displays warnings related to lane departure, blind spots, potential collisions, stationary vehicles, and pedestrian warnings. It can also display lane filtering information and GPS recording of your journey including data related to acceleration, lean angle, and G force.
A final app feature supports shared responsibility of PTW road safety, even in stage one of the HALO system. The app, if downloaded by passenger vehicle operators, records and monitors PTWs, with their location regularly updated in apple or android map applications. This enables a passenger vehicle operator to have early warning of a PTW in their vicinity.

Halo ECU

The brain of the HALO system is the ECU. It is responsible for collating the information gathered by the cameras and utilising an AI algorithm process to provide the PTW operator with usable information. The ECU has inbuilt Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 5g capabilities that enable connectivity to V2X communication and the PTW operator’s personal devices such as Bluetooth communication and smartphone.
The ECU also connects to the PTW CAN Bus (Controller Area Network Bus) system, gathering the vehicles telemetry to use in conjunction with HALO’s safety features. The ECU also records all riding data to the cloud for future review. This includes audio and video, as well as ride telemetry and all warnings encountered during the journey.

This project has spanned one year, starting with research into PTW safety and concluding with
the meticulous design of the HALO Ride Safe system. The current PTW safety products on the market do not deliver enough impact, predominately because they do not leverage existing passenger vehicle safety technologies and cannot bridge the gap to a fully automated driving experience. HALO Ride Safe is a literal lifesaver, creating a safer experience for all
road users.

Johnboy Hardy

If there is a design problem to be solved, John is the one who can get it done. With a background in building and carpentry, and additional expertise in CAD, advanced manufacturing / fabrication, mechanics and project management; John’s strengths lie in his ability to combine physical skills and creative intelligence in the practical application of design theory. Making him well suited to head up design for manufacturing, unique design projects, and design solutions that require a high standard of completion. He is a reliable communicator, thrives when challenged and expects perfection.