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Innovation in archery has always been driven by necessity rather than research, data and knowledge. Genesis promises to be the first major leap forward in release aid technology since their invention in the mid 1960's. Genesis utilises a new to world firing mechanism and sizing framework, new to industry materials and manufacturing techniques and infinite customisability to ensure the perfect fit for every user.

“If necessity is the mother of invention, then adversity surely is the father of re-invention”.

– Johnny Flora

Straight Fire Mechanism

The release system leverages off of the natural movements of an archers hand and wrist during the shot. With compound bows having a solid stop at the end of the draw cycle, a compound archer is thus unable to continue the continuous pulling motion of the release arm as an Olympic recurve archer is able to. This means that there has to be a “break” point in the system to allow a consistent build of pressure to be maintained with this “break” point becoming the wrist joint. By using this point and the natural softening of the hand, Genesis is able to allow for the shot to be fired while maintaining perfect alignment, continuous pressure and reduces anxiety around perceived control of the release device.

Sure Fit Framework

The sure fit framework allows each and every user to find their perfect fit without the hassle of finding a store that has the release they want in the size they need in order to test it. Genesis will ship as standard with small, medium and large finger beds with stores carrying extra small and extra large which will be switched out for the user free of charge if necessary. The online store will also offer customisation with options of colour, size, shape, location and texture being available.

Materials and Manufacture

Genesis’ main case will be CNC machined brass, with all internal components being CNC machined hardened stainless steel. The finger beds and anchor lock are where the new to industry material and manufacturing technique show off it’s benefits. These two parts utilise the Selective Laser Sintering process to create solid nylon parts that are extremely strong and hard wearing, and can be dyed almost any colour. The process itself also allows the part to take any shape necessary without the hassle or clean up of other additive manufacturing methods. With all manufacturing taking place locally and all standard parts being sourced from within Australia, this makes Genesis the first and only entirely Australian release device.


Thank you

Matt McDougall

Matt's passion for design stems from a lifetime of being unable to have the tools required to perform at the highest level in his sport of Archery. He uses design as a tool to create working and practical solutions for problems that many archers face. He not only has a thirst for understanding why a problem exists, but strives to find real world solutions to them.